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Welcome to Healing Talk Telehealth / Therapy online Counselling!
Overwhelmed, Stressed, Anxious, Depressed & Feeling Crisis Fatigue?

People need tools and skills to Grow and Change. It takes courage to trust and ask for help from a professional therapist. Emotional growth takes time, effort and energy.

At Healing Talk Counselling, our caring attitude, compassionate heart, our knowledge and teaching appropriate tools and skills will help you to overcome your concerns and improve your lifestyle. Together we can make a difference in your life. 

Some benefits of  Therapy & Psychoeducational sessions are:

*To maintain and manage your mental, emotional and physical well-being during the COVID 19 Pandemic

* Change your distorted thoughts and let go of negative emotions such as past traumatic events, anxiety/panic, anger, depression, adjustment issues & OCD to have more realistic perspectives toward self and others.
* Learn new ways of coping to become more in control of your life rather than feeling helpless, anxious, depressed, stressed out, angry or powerless to change.

*Obtain new interpersonal and social skills and develop better self-esteem. 

* Learn to build stronger bonds through new ways of communications, negotiations, and problem solving sills. 

Farideh Farzamian, Ph.D., RCC
RCC # 4668

Individuals, Couples, and Family Therapy
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