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Individuals, Couples, and Family Therapy

I'm very passionate about counselling because there is such a need and the needs are becoming so much more complex. I view therapy holistically. I have a diverse background, caring personality and strong communication abilities. I'm praised for working well with others and motivate clients to build an optimistic and constructive lifestyle, assisting them in completing their desired tasks. I believe my love for helping people provides a valued service to the Vancouver community.  


I promote the theory that people can teach people, yet cannot change them. Change is possible when people commit to taking risk by leaving their old status quo. Often, people complain about unmet expectations. They search for ways to satisfy their needs and wants. Unfortunately, expectations are placed on other people to change, thinking that this will make their life happier. However, our significant others cannot fulfill all our expectations, and our environmental circumstance is not always as we envision. This leads people to develop feelings of guilt, low self-esteem, pain, emptiness, detachment, anger, shame, fear, anxiety and depression.

Moreover, sometimes pain has rooted itself so deeply into our mind and our bodies that it interferes with our everyday life. We feel trapped in a never-ending emotional and/or physical turmoil. We experience ups and downs and our lives simply ends in chaos and this is the exact time people need to see a therapist.  

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